Appointment scheduling software for yoga trainers

Make your fantasy of having great fitness come true using GoSchedule’s scheduling software for yoga.

What are the key challenges faced by yoga trainers?

Yoga integrates the body with mind and mind with soul. An analysis by OnePoll states that 64% of people want to practice more and the reasons for it being

  • Release tension (54%)
  • Get stronger physically and mentally (52%)
  • Feel happier (43%)
  • Get more “me” time (27%)
  • Feel less lonely (21%)
  • Unplug from tech (20%)


But let’s face the reality when it comes to you being a yoga practitioner. You’ll have to maintain your customers, and your customers are basically of high priority. Most yoga practitioners want to promote yoga as a means for fitness but face few difficulties which are:

  • A single place to store their client’s information.
  • A scheduling platform for appointments.
  • A means to receive reminders about their appointments.
  • A fused payment gateway to help in transactions.
  • A platform to personalize their business page.

Here's why you need a booking software for yoga trainers

To reap the benefits of yoga, GoSchedule acts as an instrument by rendering the scheduling software for yoga which comes aboard with a payment gateway, staff management services, analytics, and custom report generator, an automatic syncing calendar and much more. GoSchedule helps you to improve your physical and mental health by providing dream scheduling software for yoga.

Get your online service store

Creating your own page is super easy. Check out the sample page I made in 10 mins: There are a lot of tools available that can help with sales or scheduling. The problem is, you rarely find them both in one platform. But with GoSchedule, you’ll be closing sales and booking sessions with ease, at a fraction of the cost.

Remind your clients​

Reduce client no-shows with automated Text and Email reminders for upcoming bookings. Finally, you can be a world-class online coach and enjoy time with family and friends, go on holiday, or just sleep without worry and stress. Let GoSchedule do the heavy lifting for you.

3rd party integrations

GoSchedule integrates Zapier, Google Calendar, Outlook and more to enhance your coaching and help guarantee results. We also integrate with the world’s most popular payment gateways making it easy to get paid on time.

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