I’m excited to show you what we’ve been working on! GoSchedule is an appointment scheduling software built for service businesses. We’re looking for business owners to work with and evolve the product around their feedback. Find out more about the product and the details of the early bird offer.

But before that…

Let me tell you why we decided to work on an appointment scheduling software for businesses and what is our vision for the product.

The 4 Stages of Automating your Service Business

There is a clear evolution that small businesses follow in terms of evolving their business from doing all excel work for appointment booking, refund, cancellation etc. through manually juggle up multiple calendars to avoid overbooking, to having a complete appointment scheduling and business management software:

Stage 0: We don’t know how to book appointments online so we don’t have website

Stage 1: We use plugins to book appointments and email them to and fro

Stage 2: We send basic appointment notifications and setup integrations with other business tools via Zapier

Stage 3: All-in-one appointment scheduling software

It’s all about:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • With fully customizable themes
  • CRM
  • Support online payments
  • Staff management
  • 3rd party integrations with you favorite business tools

At this stage, appointment scheduling is no longer considered bookings, it’s the OS of your business.

I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this you can chart your business against Stage 1 or 2. I’m also certain you already know that your business needs to be stage 3.

Like you my tech partner’s mom is a yoga teacher and she has always been looking to manage her sessions, collect payments effortlessly with a good website.

But we all know that the process of graduating to stage 3 can be a pain in the butt.

The Problems

  1. Website + 5 other tools for your business. Going back and forth with clients to schedule appointments. Missing out potential client every time when you are on the phone with other client, emails went on junk etc.
  2. Significant Investment and Development Resources Required.
  3. Most Apps Don’t Work Well Together. Stuck with payment support and 3rd party integrations. Unable to measure staff performance and auto-assign jobs. Unable to measure business performance over long periods time
  4. High Prices. Do you have to regularly delete inactive users in order to stay in your current billing plan? Marketing tools get expensive very quickly as you grow. Especially if you need premium integrations like Salesforce and Segment.
  5. No solution focused on conversions.

What if all you had to do was orchestrate your business services and show up on time?

GoSchedule is an all-in-one appointment scheduling software built for you, the entrepreneurs.

The future we envision is that business owners like you don’t need to spend time building website with other tools to setup your booking engine. GoSchedule will take care of managing records, view various reports, and manage billings but have evolved into omnipotent tools with features that allow the club owners to launch marketing campaigns, manage staff performance, and even connect with members on a much more personal level.

Is this relevant to you?