Top Benefits of Appointment Scheduling Software

Top Benefits of Appointment Scheduling Software

Your service-based business is not receiving appointments on a regular basis and you’re trying to figure out the missing pieces. It’s probably time for a tech upgrade. In this blog, we explore why adopting an appointment scheduling software is a step in the right direction for your business, especially in 2020. Your business needs to evolve along with changing perspectives of modern consumers of today.

All the rule books and projections dated 2019 and before have become irrelevant in a world forced to come face to face with the COVID-19 pandemic. But we as humans must continue to persevere through innovation. Bearing in mind the current state of affairs, we are going to be discussing the benefits of scheduling softwares like GoSchedule and how it equips your business to provide the ultimate experience for your clients, your staff and yourself.

Benefits of using Appointment Scheduling Software

1. Increased Bookings

Our research into consumer trends suggests that a majority of bookings for services such as salons, spa treatment, yoga classes, government offices, happen outside of regular business hours. Your potential clients may come back home after a hard day’s work and maybe decide to schedule an appointment late in the night before they head to bed. A majority of the working class explore their options for services at these odd times. Having a scheduling software that can automatically book appointments for your clients at any time is a complete win-win situation for you and your clients. This eventually adds up and increases your number of average overall bookings. The system also prevents overlap of bookings automatically and provides a pleasant, seamless experience for everyone.

GoSchedule is the perfect solution that you need if your business heavily relies on scheduled appointments. Our clients have seen an overall increase in the number of bookings by about 60% within the first quarter of using GoSchedule.

2. Automation saves you precious time

A lot of manual work is required when your business is still reliant on traditional methods like manual book-keeping and spreadsheets. As a modern business owner, it is time to grow out of these systems which are prone to errors. They become overwhelmed over time and lack the ability to scale along with your business. When you have a scheduling system like GoSchedule in place to automatically fill up your appointment slots, send confirmation and reminder emails, you are getting more time to focus on improving other aspects of your business and client experience. It can also help you squeeze in time for your hobbies and establish a work-life balance.

3. Convert website visitors into scheduled appointments

You can choose to have a call to action button for scheduling appointments in any page of your website. The contact us form is nearly extinct because many businesses are discovering that website visitors just look around and exit the page without interacting with it. Our clients have seen a significant increase in website visitor conversion by about 40% since they included a button for appointment scheduling to engage with them instead of the traditional Contact us form.

4. Embed your scheduling link

GoSchedule offers clients the flexibility to copy any link for a particular service from your app page and allows you to embed the link anywhere. You can attach it to your default signature to increase your number of scheduled appointments. The best part is that you can just kick back and relax as GoSchedule will automatically send both you and your clients a booking confirmation email and a reminder before the scheduled appointment takes place.

5. Generate bookings from email campaigns

If you frequently send out email campaigns, you can embed links to your email as an instant call to action button. This allows your clients to book a time with you right away. If you are sending out leads for events, you can use the link to even schedule discussions for addressing any concerns or queries right away.  GoSchedule was designed to ensure that it can be used to generate more bookings from anywhere.

6. Integrate with your existing chatbot

If you already have a chatbot, you have probably noticed the difference it makes when you try to engage your website visitors. GoSchedule can directly integrate with any chatbot to bring the ultimate appointment scheduling experience from within chat itself. 80% of global consumers in 2020 prefer chat support as opposed to phones. Your chatbot can be automated to conveniently accept bookings even when you are away so that you don’t miss a single client. As a business owner, you have to constantly adapt to the latest trends in customer engagement to be sustainable in the long run.

7. Multiple calendars

When you have multiple teams that you have to work with, you can enable GoSchedules unique multi-calendar feature. It allows you to create a separate, specific calendar for any of your conference rooms and use a designated scheduler for this. It allows you to manage your meetings for the day and also automatically prevents overlap of bookings.

8. Manage all your locations

If you have multiple branches operating under your organization, GoSchedule allows you to manage all of them along with their respective staff members from a single account. You can cycle through your different locations from the same app page using a simple dropdown menu. GoSchedule also allows your clients to choose their current location’s timezone in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

9. Zapier integration

If your organization is already using some essential apps, GoSchedule can integrate with them using Zapier. We have a wide range of existing integrations to choose from including Zoom and Google Meets. If you don’t see the app you’re looking for in our list of available integrations, we can build the integration for you. GoSchedule was built to be highly flexible and customizable in order to accommodate any new requirements that may arise.

10. Manage your staff

You can onboard all of your staff members to GoSchedule and assign them to their corresponding services. You can allow your clients to choose their preferred staff as well depending on the nature of their selected service. As a GoSchedule admin, you have complete control over the assignment of services to the concerned staff member. Your staff members also can use their personal appointment scheduling links to embed and use anywhere. You can constantly keep them in the loop because even they receive confirmation and reminder emails when a client schedules an appointment with them.

11. Accept Payments

GoSchedule enables your business to accept prepayments so that you don’t miss out on any revenue-generating opportunities. Studies from various business schools have shown that a client is less likely to change their mind and cancel or even reschedule if they have paid beforehand. It solidifies the revenue stream of your business and allows you to predict the revenue forecast within any given time period. GoSchedule currently integrates with payment gateways like Paypal, Razorpay and Stripe. If you have any custom payment requirements, schedule a call with GoSchedule experts to explore solutions.

12. Detailed analytics to quantify your performance

You can set up GoSchedule to periodically receive reports showing you detailed KPIs of your choosing. Get a view of the bigger picture for your client’s health and activity with visual and graphical representations. It can help you gauge the health of a lead and even the amount of engagement of a client. These analytics can help you prevent loss of clients and revenue.

13. Establish your brand

If you are looking for a white label to establish your brand image, then GoSchedule has got you covered. You can use your company logo in the scheduler for your clients, in confirmation emails and every other possible form of customer engagement. Apart from this, your clients get to experience a professional scheduling experience, which directly boosts your brand reputation.

14. Group Bookings

In addition to providing professional one on one scheduling services, GoSchedule enables clients to accept group bookings for appointments like yoga classes, zumba classes, online education, workout sessions and many others. It can help you keep track of your attendance and you can get feedback from all your attendees. You can also customize your group bookings and set limits on the number of total available slots as well if you prefer. Since GoSchedule also easily integrates with Zoom, Google meet and Hangouts, you can send out links to all your audience with the single tap of a button.

15. Memberships

If you would like to introduce a membership model for providing your services, GoSchedule can assist you with its new subscription based module. It is completely customizable and allows you to define your membership parameters like if the duration is weekly, monthly, fortnightly or an annual subscription. Introduce discounts and perks for your more loyal members and boost your rate of retention. Once your clients subscribe to be a member, they can login with their own accounts and avail all of the services that you have to offer.

16. Custom solutions tailored specifically to your business

GoSchedule was built to adapt and be effective for usage in different scenarios and industries. Our team of dedicated developers are very capable in providing custom solutions. If you have very specific requirements, get in touch with our team of experts. They deep dive into your requirements and diagnose them to propose a tailored solution for you. The consultation for the custom solution is completely free of cost. Schedule a call with us for a uniquely tailored solution that actually works for your business.

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