GoSchedule, Online Appointment Scheduling software embraces remote work or work from home ( Anywhere ) since it’s inception and to be honest, we didn’t have many choices other than being remote and build our team, culture, values, engineering, design and our scalable SaaS architecture.

Over time, remote work luckily didn’t have any major problems and everyone who adopted specific ownership have their responsibilities and deliverables right in the Gitlab Project Boards, Trello board, Asana Tracking or Sales pipeline and team discussions over Microsoft Teams/Whatsapp. We embraced this as normal and started pushing towards our second milestone “Profitability 🚩” and we recognized this benefit only after the disruption made by the coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) when everyone started pushing employees to stay at home and work anywhere. Before that, we’re always embraced by the remote team culture of Zapier and running a successful, profitable business. Note that not only zapier but many SaaS Indiehackers around the world are living a better lifestyle, pushing harder by working remotely.

As a part of contribution and embrace remote work, We at GoSchedule have a couple of pitches to help individuals, employees, business owners to adopt software tools that help day-to-day life working remotely.

GoSchedule πŸ“† and Zoom πŸŽ₯

As GoSchedule is online appointment scheduling software that helps individuals, business organizations to schedule appointments, accept online bookings is tightly integrated with Zoom Videoconferencing application to schedule meetings, start meetings from remote. With all team members, GoSchedule helps in scheduling internal team meeting appointments, Schedule client demo or sales calls instantly with just “book now” button.

Microsoft and Google Calendar πŸ“†

Everyone had a chance of scheduling or adding a reminder to personal or workplace ( GSuite, Office 365 ) calendar to remind them about the meeting or event in advance. So, Calendar plays an inevitable role in everyone’s life by reminding the events in advance. So, We at GoSchedule have tightly integrated GoSchedule bookings, schedules to be automatically synced with the personal or a team calendar in Google calendar application. So, whenever a booking happens at the GoSchedule platform, the booking is synced to Google and Microsoft calendar in realtime.

Online Payments πŸ’΅

Embracing the remote work, getting paid online should also be inevitable and hassle-free instead of handling physical money. So, GoSchedule has adopted online payment integration with Stripe, Square ( beta ) and Razorpay for India, Paytm ( beta ) to accept online payments while booking or collecting payments after booking via e-mail or SMS as payment links.

Start embracing remote work and try GoSchedule by signing up today for a risk-free trial account here.

We hope this virus will be contained soon and that life resumes normally for all of us. As always, we thank you all for your business with GoSchedule and will do everything we can to ensure that your business can continue to operate with minimal disruption. Please stay safe and we wish you and your families the best.

Happy Scheduling! πŸ“…