Using applications to automate works is becoming more viable and makes valuable time spent on which matters. As businesses use lot of tools to streamline the workflow within the organizations, It’s more important to have native integrations that talks seamlessly between them to exchange data and tasks. After realizing it, we have come up with Zapier integration to integrate GoSchedule with your favourite apps and make your business run in auto-pilot mode.

We’re announcing third party integration with Zapier where you can connect more than 1500+ software application that you may use in your daily life. This way you can reduce the friction between the applications, switching tabs and ultimately spend your valuable time which matters. GoSchedule helps in automating your appointment scheduling needs within the organization or professionals who wish to have their schedule clear. We’ve come up with few triggers and actions that helps in sync, schedule appointments from other apps via Zapier such as,

  • Create Customer – Example : You can add a new customer when you add contact to your CRM.
  • Schedule Appointment – Example: You can schedule appointment when you get reply from customer or deal is successful from CRM
  • Get Realtime Schedule – Whenever booking happens in GoSchedule, this schedule is available realtime and can be synced with other applications (Triggers )

If you would like to try out the integration, you can follow here to get public invite. Wondering to use GoSchedule for your business or profession, try out our 14 days free trial without credit cards by signing up here. We do have forever free plan for solopreneurs to schedule appointments and manage them. If you have any queries, you can always reach out at or +1-415-800-3456 for phone support.

Guru S,
Co-Founder and Customer Support