Integrate Razorpay with GoSchedule

Razorpay integration with appointment scheduling software

Connect GoSchedule (an appointment scheduling software) with Razorpay to collect payments right on your booking page.

Razorpay supports a popular payment gateway providing a wide range of payment methods to help you accept payments in India. As a merchant, you can seamlessly integrate Razorpay with GoSchedule to process your payments.

Configuring payments via Razorpay integration

Step 1: Click Settings > Payment Gateway > Razorpay > Configure. You can configure Razorpay either from your Test or Live account.

Step 2: To enable Razorpay payment processor, you need to configure parameters like API Key, API Secret and Merchant ID from Razorpay account and click on the “Save” Button.

Settings > API > Regenerate Key

Now, you’ve successfully integrated your Razorpay account with GoSchedule.

You’ll be able to capture all your transaction details over here. And, you can start accepting payments right from the booking plugin.

Note: RazorPay will only work for the organization having Currency type as INR(Indian Rupee).

Watch demo: