“The journey of starting a business and having it run successful would not be easy, but the arrival is certainly worthwhile..!”

Having known there are around 54,627 Dance Studio Business in the USA in 2020, Jorge was very passionate to open his brand new dance school as he knew there was a room awaiting him for his unique dance styles and moves. 

Jorge has served in the MSA Dance Academy for around six years. He knew who were the right people and who was his ideal customers, yet he lagged confidence in a few slants.

Today Jorge’s “STEP-ONE” dance studio took him four years to make it a successful venture. Jorge felt if he had only known the following process previously, he would have flourished a year or two before. 

So let’s comprehend the five most important things you should know beforehand.

Opening a Dance studio: Checklist

Step 1: Have an assisted business plan.

Jorge did have a business plan, but it wasn’t tunned in a proper way, which led him to change his business plans quite often.  

According to SBA.gov, there is no right or wrong business plan. All that you need is B-Plan that satisfies all your needs. 

Take a sheet of paper, pour all the ideas that are bound in your heart and bring them to life, revive them with the thought that,

“People may create your dreams with you, not for you. It’s you and only you who has to think, start, and continue.” – Vikrmn, Corpkshetra 

Make sure your business plan covers all the essential intents such as, 

1. Your Mission, 

2. Your Vision, 

3. The Market analysis, 

4. The Key Channels for your inbound, and 

5. Your value proposition

A reliable business plan always demands to act as a ladder take you to the top, rather than a chair to retain you, so now the saw is in your hand, crave it well.

Step 2: Have your investments ready for a dance studio

Remember to start something new and exciting. It takes a lot of hard work, effort, and money. 

Knowing your critical investments can help you save a lot of money.

The essential things for a dance studio are stereo systems, wall mirrors, floorings, Professional lighting, and above all, renting or leasing a premium location. Which are the critical factor for your ROI (Return On Investment), make sure you choose a place which is targeting the right customer base.

Hire the right talent and get them onboarded, as they are the makers of your brand and are the once who are going to prepare your students as the best dancers in the city.

As these days, most often, people tend to ask:

“Where do you take your dance class? “

“What kind of dance styles do you take?”

“Who is the dance master?”

At the initial pace, your location will matter the most. Still, after a while, when you clutch the heart of the people, they will not mind traveling long distances to get the best from the best.

Step 3: Mark Your Presence.

The best way to mark your presence is to have an engaging brand name mounted in the form of a logo as our brain intends to capture images better rather than names. 

The best example I always tend to tell my people is about the “PostMan” the logo itself describes the brand name. 

By letting the logo speak for you, your brand will be easier to recollect. So remember

“Let your brand speak for you.”

The one major mistake that Jorge made was creating his identity offline, preferably than online. Remember your presence online is as essential as branding your presence offline. 

For a fact, offline presence took Jorge a couple more years as it spreads by word of mouth.

You can create your website online or utilize any service provider like GoSchedule, a tailor-made secured site, that just works on any device.

GoSchedule also includes features such as the scheduler, personal calendar, payment gateways, dashboards to track your expenses, provision of managing your dance teachers, and much more. 

The best advantage of getting yourself pitched online using GoSchedule is that your clients can find you at the very first site on google. So that students can find you quickly and select the staff of their preference.

GoSchedule is the same as renting a premium location online for your dance studio.

Step 4: Develop an Early marketing Strategy.

Jorge was very particular about getting the right people to his dance studio. Still, most of the time, he used to get people looking for Zumba classes, ballet classes, etc.. which weren’t his offerings.

That is when he realized to market.

Once he started to market by defining the styles of dance that he provides, the dance studio started grasping more attention from appropriate people. This strategy was beneficial to get them onboarded. 

Marketing holds not only good offline by giving out pamphlets, advertising in stores, and newspapers. It also holds good online, make sure you market your website in relevant blogs, YouTube channels, etc. And redirect them to your site, and that enables them to book a free class/session using the scheduling feature on your website.

Thus now you can collect all your customer’s useful pieces of information such as name, phone number, and email id right from your booking page.

Step 5: Have your permits and all your licenses ready.

Doing your license and permits beforehand is a significant measure to be taken. It gives confidence to you and your team, as you can’t be expecting escalations by the government in front of your learners, which may lead to uncertainty in the minds of them or sometimes may lead to business loss.

Thus these were few things Jorge wished he knew before he started his Dance Studio. Now you know all the strategies beforehand. What are you waiting for? All the best for your Dance Studio, from the team GoSchedule.