Introducing Multi-Location and Multi-User based Appointment Scheduling Experience

Introducing Multi-Location and Multi-User based Appointment Scheduling Experience

Ever wonder the stress of running a multi-location business and tracking all activities such as revenue, staff management, staff schedules, accounting in an excel sheet, paper-based or even bloated software. Business peoples deserve a better way of tracking schedules, revenue, time tracking, and customers deserve better appointment scheduling and booking experience and that’s why we built GoSchedule to solve our own problem.

Multi-Location based Appointment Scheduling

We’ve rolled out a new update today to support multiple location-based appointment scheduling for an organization that has multiple locations within the city or country. To try out the feature, visit the GoSchedule dashboard and click the organization name on the top right corner. Hit “New Organization” and start following the guide to creating multiple organizations within the account.

How to switch between organizations?

It’s quite easy to switch between multiple organizations within a single account. On the top header which shows multiple organizations as a dropdown menu, feel free to choose between multiple organizations and start using it right away.

What use case does multi-organization Solve?

If you’re business owner, manager or professional running the entities at multiple locations with multiple staff members can leverage this multi-location feature to maintain separate calendar, staff schedule, reminders under a single account with a single invoice.

Multi-User based Appointment Scheduling

An organization that runs with the help of multiple individual staff members will certainly require centralized appointment scheduling and reminder system and sync with the calendar of staff members and customers. This scheduling requires automated assignments based on staff member availability within the working hours automatically thus saving a huge amount of time by allocating each and every schedule with the customer.

How to Invite Staff members to the organization?

It’s super easy to invite the staff members to your organization in GoSchedule. Visit the Staff module in the GoSchedule dashboard and start adding corresponding staff member with name and e-mail address with Role option either as admin or staff.

Here is the complete help guide to learn more about staff invitation and role options.

So, Why Wait?

Signup for your risk-free 7-days free trial account to try out multi-location and multi-user based appointment scheduling software with more features such as calendar sync with your favorite workplace apps, appointment reminder via e-mail and SMS, GoSchedule integration with 1500+ Apps with help of Zapier.

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