House of Natural secures 300+ appointments in first 10 days

House of Natural - Case Study

House of Natural is a busy salon in the heart of the Bronx, New York and they offer a multitude of beauty services. They have been in the business for over 10 years now and they pride themselves on using only 100% natural hair products. Suzette, the owner of House of Natural first reached out to us during the peak of the COVID pandemic in New York.

The Challenge

Suzette wanted to prioritize the safety of her clients and staff by preventing the salon from being overcrowded by moving to a strict appointment-only based system. She also had problems managing her clients, appointments and payments previously, but never had time until now to switch to a new system. She needed to be ready to enforce social-distancing when her salon opened back up in less than a week.

The GoSchedule Game-changer

We jumped on a call with Suzette and showed her How GoSchedule can help her manage her appointments and payments, all from a single space. She was surprised when we said that we could onboard her immediately and was very pleased. GoSchedule can be adopted in a single day without any hassle. She saw a spike in appointments by 130% when her salon reopened after Lockdown. With GoSchedule’s simple booking plug-in, she could easily manage multiple appointment slots divided among her staff members.


The GoSchedule system optionally prevents overlap of booking which was very helpful in Suzette’s case. She managed more volume of clients than usual, while still maintaining social-distancing and routine sanitization of her salon, cleverly crafted in by the GoSchedule system. The automated reminders sent to the corresponding staff and clients made sure that nobody missed any appointments and were always on time. Payment collection and records were also captured by the system and Suzette could view everything simultaneously with ease.

“When COVID-19 hit and social distancing had to be enforced for everybody’s safety, we knew that we needed to find a scheduling platform. After evaluating several systems, we found GoSchedule. They have the right mix of features, customer support, and reasonable pricing. The system is easy to use for me and my clients. They got me on board in less than an hour and the system is very user-friendly. GoSchedule is perfect for managing salons. They also provide the friendliest and best customer support whenever I need. I manage more appointments than ever before while easily imposing social-distancing.”

– Suzette, House of Natural

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