With the busy month of Black Friday and the upcoming Christmas season, We have got an awesome update for GoSchedule. Now, We officially support custom domain feature which helps in increasing your brand awareness and customer trust. GoSchedule from day one has always engaged in increasing your brand visibility in all aspects while using the application in terms of Portal client, E-Mail templates and now custom domain.

Steps to setup custom domain

  1. Create a CNAME Record value pointing to app.cname.goschedule.io and host value as a preferred subdomain (example: bookings) by logging into your Website domain registrar managing account such as Namecheap, GoDaddy.
  2. Login to your GoSchedule account
  3. Click Support > Help and write to us with a preferred domain name ( eg: bookings.yourcustomdomain.com )
  4. Within the next business day, our support team will validate the domain and set up the SSL Certificate configured for your organization account.
  5. Once done, You can access the store with your custom domain and that increases the customer trust and brand awareness.
This helps in setting up your store url with a custom domain that can be shared with your clients to schedule an appointment easily without remembering the domain every time. Many research studies have proved that easy and simple custom domain has large impact in helping people to remember the domain name and thus increase in traction and bookings. If you have any questions or product inquiries, feel free drop email to support@goschedule.io or complete the form below for getting your queries answered.