Supercharge Google Calendar: Tips & Tricks for Better Scheduling

If you use Google Calendar, you’re more than familiar with the fact that it’s practically a personal assistance that makes sure you never miss anything. It’s a tool that a lot of business owners utilize to become more productive and efficient in their day-to-day activities. And, we’re here to tell you that you should do the same.

Google Calendar is really powerful, however, when you’re using it for the very first time as a small business, it lacks the ability to prove itself as a time-saving application. So, we’re here to give you a little insight on how you can step up your Calendar game. Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

🎨 Implementing Colors to Improve Visibility

Calendar is not magic, there’s a possibility that you may miss out on a marked event even though you check it every day. So, in order to compensate for that and improve visibility, Google gives you the options to use colors! Colors aren’t just there for visual ‘prettiness’, they’re there to separate extremely important events from the regular ones.

🔍 Ease of Access with the Google Search Bar

Need to look up something from your Calendar? Easy, you don’t even need to visit the app altogether. Just use the Google search bar to navigate through your Calendar. For instance, if you’re looking for the schedule of your next office meeting, Google “When is my next meeting?” and voila, you’re good to go.

📪 Gmail and Calendar Collaboration

Google is really smart when it comes to collaborate all its apps and talk within each other. The only metaphor we could use is of a well-knitted cloth. Google allows Gmail and Calendar to work together and look for things in your email that could be asking you to get to a certain place at a certain time.

For example, if an online booking software sends you an email regarding movie timings, hotel reservations, flights, they will automatically be added to your Calendar.

⏳ Easily Picking Schedule that Work for Everyone

If you’ve been in a position of authority, you’d realize how difficult it is to find the free times of everyone that works under you. This point does rely on whether or not all the employees in your workspace have and use Calendar. But, if they all do, all you need to do is select a day and a time frame and Google will go through the Calendars of all your employees to look for free slots.

This way, you won’t have to personally contact every employee to ask them if they’re good with a specific time frame. If you’re a small business and your employees don’t have Calendar, consider making it mandatory so the whole workspace is on the same page.

🏋 Self-Improvement Tactic

Ever had the need for a gym app to tell you when to need to exercise? Well, just get rid of that app because due to Google’s recent update to Calendar, you have an option to assign a certain goal, frequency and daily time for an activity. This could be anything from sparing time to spend with your family to doing yoga. The possibilities with Calendar are just truly endless.

📆 The Convenient Agenda View

Instead of having to ruffle through every day of every month to see what events you have planned, you can conveniently use Google’s Agenda View. This view highlights only the days when you have an event planned allowing you to easily see upcoming event details without too much hassle.

🗝 Get Rid of the Clutter

There are times when all those empty slots in Calendar can distract you, especially if you’re a bit OCD. There are two ways you can counter the annoying clutter.

Disable weekends from the settings. You’re not going to have work on weekends, so just remove them from your week. Take out late night hours from the hourly projection on Calendar for the same exact reason.

🤖 Utilizing the Alternate Calendars

If you’re using some other calendar like the Chinese or Hebrew, you don’t need to install a new app to access them. Just go to the ‘Alternate Calendar’ settings and you have full access to various calendars used all over the globe.

🗣 Using Voice to Add Events

This might not happen much to a small business owner, but there will be times when you’re too busy to type and you think to yourself that you’ll add the event later and just completely forget about it afterwards. Calendar gives you the freedom to step away from automated online booking software event entries to completely doing everything with your voice. To avoid this entire scenario, you can use the Google Assistant to add the events with your voice.

📩 Allow Employees to RSVP

If there’s some optional event in your office, instead of having to go to each employee to ask them whether or not they’d be willing, just create an event on Calendar and invite the employees to it. Everyone in your workspace will be able to mark the event as ‘Yes’, ‘Maybe’ and ‘No’ giving you an estimated projection for the audience that will attend the event.

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