Planning First Summer Camp Program? 8 Tips to make it a memorable one

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To me, Summer is the best season. It brings rays of sunshine and happiness along with it. Almost everyone looks forward to the summer vacation. We make the best out of it by attempting new things and visiting various places.

When we want to engage ourselves in amusement and learn new things at the same time, summer camp is the best resort. In this buzzing world, so many busy parents find it difficult to occupy their kids during these long vacations and to cater to their interests.

It is an 18 billion industry and employs around 1.5 million people!
Around 6 million children attend some form of camp during their vacation.

Tips to Organize your First Summer Camp

If you anticipate organizing a camp for your peer group, or the kids in the neighborhood, here are a few tips that would make your job easy. All you need is a bit of effort and detailed planning. There are a million ways that you can set one.

Tip 1: Stick to a theme

A themed camp is way better than a normal one. It energizes the vibe.

You can select a theme from TV shows, toys, books, or movies that are celebrated and appropriate to your age group.

Themes uplift the creativity and craziness of the participants.

You can also decide on the things to buy and the place to set up in ease if you rely on a theme. The theme that you bring to life should have a productive base message.

The participants should be able to relate to this message. It must bring out the development experiences in them. They will be more involved in the activities and games if they have a rapport with the theme.

Tip 2 : Determine your target audience and Set the price point

Once you plan to organize a camp, the crucial thing to do is determining the age group. You have to determine the type, target audience, demographics, and trends.

Decide the size of participants in such a way that you can attend everyone individually.

Execute your idea through age-appropriate planning, marketing, and analysis.

Set up a budget to ensure that you can afford to buy the items needed from your activities. If you plan to make it as a business, settle with a price point such that you make bucks, and at the same time, participants can spare the price. For a hassle-free payment solution, you can look to summer camp management software like GoSchedule. They support all popular payment gateways and allow flexible pricing systems. So, your charge can vary with age groups and days.

Choose the type of camp that you are going to set;

  • full-day camps,
  • half-day camps

If it’s a half-day camp, reduce the friction in your program flow.

Tip 3: Prepare a Comprehensive Schedule

Prepare schedule for Summer Camp

The idea behind any successful camp is plan, plan, and plan. Prepare an elaborate schedule. Ensure that the program flow is not tight.

Avoid plenty of downtimes as well. Pack the schedule with the combination of indoor and outdoor activities.

Don’t have more than three activities per day. Clearly define the process and procedures in your brochures and posters to avoid miscommunication. Write it out along with the timings and distribute them to your staff.

Tip 4: Select Appealing activities

Plan the outdoor activities in the day and indoor activities during the evening. Ensure that the outdoor activity is athletic and brings in positive energy. It also develops competitiveness among the participants. Pick a venue near a lawn or mead for this.

The indoor activities should unravel the artistic skills of the participants. These activities may consist of drawing, drama, dance, singing, sculpting, painting, and poetry.

Also, plan mental skills that would challenge the participant’s basic math and science knowledge. This can be in the form of brainstorming riddles or intriguing puzzles.

Decide on activities that are simple, and cost-effective like making a tower out of marshmallows or bamboo sticks. Make certain that each participant gets a kit.

Include the bonfire involving stargazing and discussing stories during the evening.

Tip 5: Deep dive into New Skills, Team Coordination and Social Awareness

The program flow should comprise new erudite skills like survival skills and emergency response to situations. Also, include activities that boost team building through communication and coordination. Games like the scavenger hunt are both fascinating and build teamwork.

Readout short inspiring stories during the break. People can easily relate to them. Also fabricate social, cultural, and environmental awareness. Accomplish this by talking about the less fortunate, discussing responsibilities, and introducing the culture of ethnic groups. Layout this awareness as insight and ensure that it does not become redundant and replete.

Tip 6: Do your Homework

Check on the site, facilities, program details, transportation, and food services. Provide enticing snacks during the break to raise the energy and spirits.

Scrutinize the culture, the philosophy, actions, and goals that you want to build. Recruit necessary staff and do background checks. You can manage your staff through their skills and availability in GoSchedule. Access the potential risks and things that might go wrong. Work on alternative plans.

Tip 7: Effective Marketing & Communications

If you wish to transform this into a business, advertise it through social media or direct mail. Create your website and constantly post updates.

Work on cost-effective plans to promote business. Managing bookings manually might be hectic and you may not be tech-savvy to create your website and manage it through excel. For this, you can turn to GoSchedule and your life becomes easy.

GoSchedule will manage your bookings and will support your marketing by sending personalized, automated emails to your customers as remainders and promotions. So, you get all in one package deal and you don’t have to rely on a lot of third-party software.

Include painting T-shirts and caps with summer camp logos in the activities. These activities are both cost-effective and aids in recollecting the camp. Never end the communication once the camp ends. Collect feedback to improve. and so the participants can add thoughts.

Market to the right people. Stay in contact through social media and newsletters. This aids them to recall what you provide. GoSchedule remembers all your customers along with their information and syncs across all your devices. So, you don’t have to scout around.

Tip 8: Affix Trekking to your Program flow

On the last day of the camp, take the participants on a trek or nature hike. Trekking not only helps in burning down calories but it also lightens the mood and is freshening.

Trekking is also learning through observing. The visions help you to connect with nature and enjoy its beauty. Trekking is relishing and reduces stress.

Closing Thoughts

Summer camp is all about educating yourself, having fun, playing games, making origami and crafts, capturing moments, and singing around camps.

It helps people in boosting their creativity, independence, and build interest in new skills. If you have quality drafting and can bring in the effort, you can organize one in ease!

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