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The All-In-One Escape Room Management Software. Escape from the manual work and automate your escape room business with an attractive booking website

Key challenges faced by the Escape room

Since Escape Rooms require lots of marketing to make people know them, this is the place where many Escape rooms fail.

  • Poorly designed Website/Absence of a website. Both these cases are not a pleasant sign for an Escape room business. Both these factors create a poor impression of your business.
  • No clarity on services offered. The customers who are interested in trying out your Escape rooms should know the various services/escape rooms you offer.
  • Varying customer expectations. Meeting customer needs is quite a challenging task which needs lots of time and understanding.
  • Hoarding all customer information. One of the most important as well as tedious jobs is keeping a record of all your client bookings details and payment history.
  • Exhibit the Presence. Since Escape Rooms require lots of marketing to make people know them, this is the place where many Escape rooms fail.

How GoSchedule helps to escape from the manual reality

A stunning booking site

GoSchedule helps you create an awesome site for your Escape room, which shows various information like services offered and slot availability.

Different Packages

You can list different packages on your booking site like friends and families, corporate and tourists.
Escape room Booking Management software GoSchedule

Real-time Information

Customers can easily see available slots and book immediately from your booking site.


Once your customer makes a booking, you and your customer receives a reminder of the appointment.

Increased Conversions

With the seamless booking site, attract your customers and make them book an Escape room slot from faster checkout options.

Hassle free Slot Bookings

With our easy-to-use booking site, your customers can book a slot comfortably .

10X increase in sales

Our minimal booking site saves a lot of time by scheduling slots perfectly, so that it increases your sales.

All-in-one app

our application takes care of most of the job you do, so you can use that time on other things.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the end of your 7-day trial, you’ll be automatically downgraded to the basic, free plan. Should you wish to upgrade to a paid plan, you can do so from the billing page at any point during or after your trial.

Yes, Escape rooms definitely require booking software to provide customers an easier option to look at the services offered and book slots.
GoSchedule offers a Free basic plan to create a booking site for your Escape rooms, apart from that it offers various other tools like 3rd party integrations, Analytics, customer relation management and much more.
Once the booking has been confirmed, you and your customer will receive a notification which will contain the date, time and place of booking. It also reminds you and your customer about the booking.
With the Professional plan, you can easily manage up to 10 Users or branches of your Escape rooms, with a separate homepage and various other details for each of your Escape rooms.
If you wish to ditch your older management software then, GoSchedule offers a Free Data Migration tool to all its users to transfer data from older software to GoSchedule.

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