Doodle is the most famous meeting scheduling tool for professionals. If you’re looking to replace 5+ tools to automate your business then it has its own limitations.

8 Reasons to switch from Doodle 

1. It’s all about customer management

As a business, your goal is to attract customers and engage in a pursuit to make their lives easier. What our competitors believe is that “it’s the technology” that is vital and is capable of solving all the issues. But it’s much more than that. We at GoSchedule have a stereoscopic view of your customer’s needs and provide all that is required to enchant your customers to use your service.

2. Frontdesk Management

“The first impression is the best impression” and although there are other proverbs to contradict this statement, in business, it always works this way. We offer the best front desk management support for your company, thus engrossing your enrollments and bestowing your service with booking schemes, payment reminders and also SMS services.

3. What is that you give your customers? It’s the service and has to be managed

A coupon is a spell that is used to attract customers to your business and also is itself a service that you provide to conceal your customers. Likewise, we provide this service management as an add-on along with its other stupendous features, which is an imperative component that drives your customer to use your product, once enrolled.

4. Live up to your customer’s expectations.

Just as how important it is to get a customer, customers reckon you to be responsive to them. You must remember the schedules that you’ve allocated your customers and this is done using a calendar to ensure that it’s all on track. We have an integrated majestic calendar that bequeaths the appointments that you have.

5. Organizational management

If you’re entailed in business, then there’ll be various integrations that are part of the pursuit. These are customarily third-party integrations and are to be endured. We help you linger with them as we aid you to amalgamate with organizations of your choice, thus making organizational management one less thing to worry about.

6. A centralized starting point

You don’t have to sweat to provide a centralized starting place to access all the consolidated enterprise-related functions ‘cause we shoulder it making it cushy for your employees and customers to use the online portal.

7. Convert customer visits into sales

Forget striving to make the best possible payment experiences as we make it nimble by offering you umpteen number of payment gateway integrations transfiguring every prospect view into sales.

8. GoSchedule, the package deal solution

Doodle and GoSchedule are two similar ellipses except that Goschedule’s eccentricity is 1 and Doodle’s is 0 as our integrations for email and calendar services have no bounds.