Booking Software for Design Consultants

Modern design consultants require modern design consultants scheduling software. Creative minds require room to think. Eliminate manual work & the other thoughts and automate your Design consultant service.

Key challenges faced by the Design Consultants

Nowadays clients are expecting to get things done quickly and effortlessly. As a result, many design consultancy firms are moving towards a digitalized way of providing service.

  • Meeting Competition. Standing out of the thousands of other design consultants out there is definitely a key factor to look out.
  • Attracting new Clients. Since the website is the first thing through which a client reaches you, if your website doesn’t look good, then you will find it difficult to pull them in.
  • Client management. When you receive more appointments, scheduling them manually will become a cumbersome process that will lead to missing appointments and client disappointments.
  • No clear information on the services offered. Sometimes, when a lead visits your design consultants website, if there is no information on the services you offer, then the lead will never turn into sales.
  • Secured way of collecting payments online. Many clients fear transacting online, if they see that the medium of transaction is not a reputed one.

How GoSchedule helps design consultants

Instant website to showcase all your design portfolio and service offerings

With a GoSchedule account, you can create a website for your design consultants business where you can list all the unique services you offer. Your clients can book an appointment with you directly from your booking site. If you already have a website, well then you can integrate GoSchedule with your site.

Pricing your Services

Along with the services you offer, you can also add the Prices of those services, which will help your clients to get an idea.

Design consultants management software GoSchedule

A Powerful Calendar

We provide all our users with a calendar which will contain all information like your appointments, meetings, calls, etc.

Lead Conversions

GoSchedule provides Customer Relationship Management tool, which will keep an eye on the new leads who check out your site or sign-in for an enquiry.

Retaining Clients

Returning clients means Happy clients. Your cool looking website will give out a rich look among the clients and new leads which will automatically create a good impression on you. Hence, they will keep coming back.

Value for Money

GoSchedule offers most of the features one can expect for the money they pay.

Unmatched Customer Support

Our application provides one of the best CRM, which makes your clients create trust in your brand.

All-in-one app

With the help of various integrations, our application will take care of all A-Z administration works.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the end of your 7-day trial, you’ll be automatically downgraded to the basic, free plan. Should you wish to upgrade to a paid plan, you can do so from the billing page at any point during or after your trial.

We offer diverse features like creating a website, listing all the services you offer and allow your clients to book an appointment with you and we even help you collect payments securely from your clients.
No problem, you can easily embed GoSchedule to your existing website.
You have no limits on the number of clients you can manage. As long as they keep coming, we are happy to hold them

Yes, we are available on Android.

Yes, you can very well sync your Google Calendar with GoSchedule.
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners Club credit and debit cards.

Belong to some other service industry? we've got you covered.