Beauty Salon Scheduling Software

With the growing services and competition, let us manage your schedules, accounting, and enquires. Save your time off the booking and deal with the customer in front of you.

Beauty Salon Scheduling Software by GoSchedule

Key challenges faced by the Beauty Salon

Sending reminders to the customers before Beauty salon appointment to be on time and managing cancellations.

  • Reducing No-shows: No-shows and cancellations mixing up schedules.
  • Assembling Customer’s data: Finding and organizing the details of the customers across various branches.
  • Moving appointments: Rescheduling Beauty salon appointments to cater to the sudden urgency or illness of stylists.
  • Booking after hours:
    40% of booking occurs after hours and goes to the voicemail
    Missing the lead to services: Most of the Customers wish to know about the services and stylist before they sit on the chairs.

How GoSchedule saves Beauty Salon?

Confirmations and Remainders to avoid No-Shows

Once the Beauty Salon appointment is booked and confirmed, the client receives a text and email confirmations. Remainders are also sent before the appointments to be on time and to minimize No-shows.

Accept Bookings online round-the-clock

You never know when a person decides to style, it may be as crazy as 1.00 am. 40% of the bookings are done after hours. With GoSchedule customers can book you 24/7.

Your business is all set to grow

What do you need to build your beauty salon business? Details on customer acquisition, revenue, customer tracking, analytics, promotion through social media. We got you covered.

Free mobile app

70% of the bookings are done through mobile. Get a free app with GoSchedule and book your appointments with few clicks.

Secure and Share your data with cloud

Have many branches? Sync your customer data with our cloud-based software. We make sure that you don’t miss out any filed away data

Know your clients better with lead forms

Get to know who visited, which service your client wants, what style they prefer and much more by generating lead forms

Save 5 hours of your valuable time

Save an average number of hours your staff spend on booking and answering queries to improvise styling

Simplistic approach

Best Beauty Salon Booking experience with minimal feature and hands-down support

Teamed up with apps you already use

Integrated with zapier, google calendar, outlook calendar, shopify, zoom, facebook and much more to ease your booking process and to grow your business

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike other booking systems, we strive hard to help you with our dedicated support team. Our interface is easy to use and features are available at a reasonable price

At the end of your 7-day trial, you’ll be automatically downgraded to the basic, free plan. Should you wish to upgrade to a paid plan, you can do so from the billing page at any point during or after your trial.

Absolutely! You can invite team members to join your trial account at no cost. At the end of your 7-day trial, all members will be automatically downgraded to the basic, free plan. Should you wish to upgrade to a paid plan, you can do so from the billing page at any point during or after your trial. Learn more about the benefits of using GoSchedule for your team.

Paid subscriptions automatically renew for the same subscription period unless you downgrade your plan before the end of the subscription period.

It only takes a few clicks to upgrade or downgrade. Just visit your billing page, and you can handle everything from there.

As per our privacy policy, your credit card details are not stored on our servers. The card details you enter while upgrading subscription in GoSchedule, are processed securely through payment gateways to process your subscription renewals for each cycle.

Additionally, when the customer books appointment through GoSchedule plugin or platform, The credit or debit card information are processed by the payment gateway providers.

If you have any queries, kindly create a support ticket or write to

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners Club credit and debit cards.

Our interface is user-friendly and simple to use. Basic computer skills are sufficient to use it. Nevertheless, we are always ready to answer your queries anytime through online chat, customer support or social media.

Yes, your data is safely stored in the cloud and accessible through any device with your login.

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