Have you ever had a dream where all your office work gets done with a single click? Or ever imagined an application that takes care of all your works you keep doing repeatedly. 

If you aren’t aware of Zapier, it’s a web automation app, which allows you to build ‘Zaps’ that can automate parts of your business. You can mix and match triggers, and actions to automate just about anything related to your business. 

Triggers are those actions made by the lead or your customer. For example, say if a website visitor signs up for your newsletter is considered as a Trigger. 

And Actions are those end results that happen when they trigger. Once they sign-up for your newsletter, you can set the Actions of sending them a Welcome email. Zapier automatically interprets and responds to the actions made by the website visitor, and also will be helpful in lots of areas in making things easier for you to manage your business. 

How does it work with GoSchedule?

Zapier lets you connect with over 1500+ applications, most of which you use every day to manage your business. When a lead subscribes to your newsletter, Zapier will automatically send them a welcome email, which will contain details about the services you offer, price, and the discounts. Now where GoSchedule comes into action, it allows the lead to book an appointment with you. Once they book an appointment, it will provide you with a private calendar with all your appointments, confirmations, and reminders. And that lead will get added to the sales list and all their records will be stored safely. 

Here is an example,

Say you run a spa & salon with about 10 professionals, where each of the professionals takes care of unique services like pedicure, manicure, spa, etc. When you receive a lead, Zapier allows you to create Zaps where you can set signing in for your newsletter as your Trigger and the counter-action or the Action is sending them a welcome email. Once the lead decides to try the service, they will book an appointment with you, which will be taken care of by GoSchedule. 

Then it creates a highly customizable personalized calendar for you and your professionals with their own appointments, confirmations, and reminders. GoSchedule identifies which service is being opted by the lead, fills the calendar of that professional who takes care of that service, and notifies them with a reminder. The client will also receive a confirmation email. The job of GoSchedule isn’t over yet. Once the service is over, the client receives a feedback email that requests them to give feedback for the service. Doesn’t it sound like a wonder?

This calendar is active all the time, so it gets updated regularly with all your appointments and reschedules helping you and all your staff to know where they need to be, and when.

Here is a step-by-step explanation for how to use Zapier to integrate GoSchedule and Zoom

  1. First, create an account in Zapier. Or, Log in to your existing account.
  2. On the dashboard, select those apps which will be helpful for your business’s workflow. Here, I have selected Zoom and GoSchedule.
  3. Now, Zapier will ask you to create your workflow from your desired application.

I have selected the Trigger to be “the latest schedule from my GoSchedule app” and the Action to be “create a meeting on Zoom”

  1. On the next page, log in to your GoSchedule app and your Zoom account. Don’t worry, your credentials are safe with us!
  2. Now you will have to give details like, from where Zapier has to fetch details from both the apps.
  3. Once you have given all the details, select the “turn on Zap” button. Then you are good to go!

The primary goal of this integration is to automate your business processes to make it responsive, less time consuming, and hassle-free. This will make your clients reach out to you easier and also increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Not convinced yet? Start your 7-day free trial. We are sure that you will experience one of the most powerful and useful tools to manage your business.