8 Effective ways to overcome loneliness during self-isolation – COVID-19

8 Effective ways to overcome loneliness during self-isolation

As we all are entering into the most terrible period of our life where social distancing and self-isolation become inevitable and loneliness rules for the rest of the day. However, even watching a movie on Netflix, PrimeVideo or reading our favorite books at the end of the day we couldn’t accept the fact of self-isolation within the personal room. So, We at GoSchedule had an extreme discussion while we work from remote and pull in some great ideas to keep going.

Learn something new

We’ve always had the idea of learning something new that may be a new language, drawing or specific subject. I always had the curiosity of reading Numbers & balance sheet on my own and always left that when the balance sheet or topics have too technical accounting terms on it. So, taking a challenge to learn Accounting and related concepts inspired me to start taking a couple of courses from the Edx Platform, Online, and Basic Accounting principle books. If you wonder to learn something new and this is the right time to invest to learn and implement it.

Self Cooking

Self-cooking at home is one of the best options anytime, so learning to master the art of cooking can help to cut off the expense of consuming outside food and reduce the infection rate. With a lot of options over the internet, you can invest quality time to cook recipes and try out favorite dishes. Please don’t forget to cook the food with safe hands and masks.


Blogging is one of the wonderful hobbies by sharing what you know to others via Online platforms such as medium, WordPress, blogger posts. Many successful bloggers have either turned this into a full-time business or work part-time from remote. for example, If you’re into Sales and you love the sales terminologies, you can invest time in making blog content that may be helpful for others to follow them.

Drawing and Painting

Drawing and Painting is one of the interesting ways to express the thought process to others. I have a friend from the University of Waterloo named “Laksh” who inspires me to draw and that lead me to draw, design prototype for GoSchedule Application in paper format and then converted into a mock prototype by our Design Team. So, start taking out pencils and sketch to kick start your imaginations.

Yoga and Meditation to prevent Loneliness

Yoga and meditation make our minds calm in spite of the chaos in the external world. Choose music and start concentrating to make your mind calm and I bet your productivity of the day touches the peek when you start the day with meditation. I have been using Master Oogway ascends music to concentrate or while thinking about process or workflow for the past 6 months and I feel motivated by the Kung fu Panda and its motive,

Po: There is no secret Ingredient, It’s just you!

Mr Ping, Po’s father

Organizing Calendar

Of course, managing tasks and calendar schedules is one of the boring tasks but it requires more energy to resolve conflicts. Additionally, when it comes to managing team and company, we definitely need a personal assistant to manage schedules, meetings in an automated way and reminding customers, employees and that’s why we built GoSchedule Online Appointment scheduling for business and professionals who need to manage their schedules, appointments, and reminders in autopilot mode.

Organizing Online Contents

Recently, I’ve been frustrated by missing out on a lot of online articles that are from different streams such as Sales, Tech news from Techcrunch, Crunchbase news, Hackernews, and engineering blogs like Square. So, when surfing to find the best RSS Reader to gather all news at one place I found out the Feedly app which is an extraordinary app that combines all news sources into the single application where I can manually add and track favorite blogs and updates. Like the above one, you can organize your contents online by using readers or excel sheets to bring more productivity to your life.

Automating Daily Task

A couple of days back, I had a chance to reset my Alexa Assistant Echo Dot device and my country option has changed to Canada from India. Luckily, Alexa has a lot of features such as Calls, Message, Drop-Ins, and even more Routines to automate the daily tasks. I was excited when seeing routines that are connected with IFTTT service to trigger automation just by utilizing voice command from the workplace. For example, let’s say we need to switch on lights after 5 PM, utilizing Alexa scheduler we could configure the smart device to switch on/off automatically and this case can be extended to the coffee maker, toast machine, thermostat and even more.

By discussing such topics, We at GoSchedule found a lot of ideas that improve our product strategy and features over time that makes contextual both for us and end-users by reducing the time spent on calendar and scheduling and focus on your business. We do offer 14 days of free trial where you can explore and supercharge your productivity by signing up for GoSchedule.

If you have any ideas, feel free to reply back in the comment section.

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