5 Ways to retain customers and sales during COVID-19

5 Ways to Retain Customers and Sales during COVID-19

Nothing is more painful than seeing our own beloved customers going out of business or temporary shutdown. Recent pandemic has contributed to a lot of shutdowns, freezing economic activities by which social distancing is inevitable and bringing in the culture of Remote work and Work from Home like the rest of us. So, We at GoSchedule have come up with 5 Ways to Retain Customers and Sales and navigating through the tough times.

Delaying Subscriptions to retain customers

We know that it’s painful to delay the subscription due date a few months say 3 months can provide breathing time for existing customers and even setting few eligible criteria can improve the process and benefit both parties. This can additionally provide a good relationship and trust between the company and customers who’re seeking to stay and grow for a longer period of time. This will drastically reduce sales but retain the customers who can help you out during recovery.

Communicating with Customers

Exact communication with the customers is the most crucial step and discussing the subscriptions and payments in advance can create a sense of care to existing customers. Additionally, explaining about the upcoming renewal dates and call to action either canceling subscription or keeping it active can reduce the chaos among the customers. Do not forget to post the status of the business office or location closure dates and timings in advance.

Arranging alternative format for Content Delivery

Your customer success team and employees can come up with alternative ways of hosting the content or event such as online sessions, live shows from remote with the help of Zoom or similar video conferencing tools that are available online. This will be more helpful for your existing customers who continue to pay for the subscription may appreciate your efforts and adding values to their lives. We at GoSchedule have excellent integration with Zoom Video conferencing to schedule an appointment and connect with customers via a zoom call.

Be Active in Social Media

Most of the customers may use social media for checking the local news, updates. So, posting the current status and further plans in social media such as twitter can create open transparency and peoples get understanding about the current situation of the business. Each and every update will be helpful for the customers to follow and act accordingly instead of reaching them via Inbox or promotions unless it’s personal. Here is the best open example of how Marriot CEO addresses the employees and customers with business updates.

Offering Discounts and Gift Certificates

Offering discounts and gift certificates are one of the important strategies to retain the customer for a few duration to recover from the impact whereas simply canceling the subscription and losing the customers. Allowing them to use this discount in the future can shift the impact later than during the tough times.

It’s all about how to create a strategy for both customers and the organization to balance the risk and stay alive in business. This will positively impact sales as well as retaining the customers during tough times.

GoSchedule has the commitment of helping business owners and professionals in all aspects such as appointment scheduling, reduce no-shows, automating tasks and add value to the business organization & Customers. We do offer 14 days of risk-free trial where you can explore and supercharge your productivity, reduce no-shows by signing up for free GoSchedule account.

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