Every goal of a Online Trainer and Domain Experts is to launch their own websites to have their students or customers approach them for online training business.

In the advent of the Internet and Web in this century, where everyone can showcase their talent or build the online training business online and close deals without even physical presence.

So, Here are the steps that are needed to get you quickly get started with setting up your online training business.

Professional Branding Webpage for online training business

You’ll need to create a complete profile about your portfolio or business portfolio and list your services with complete details about it with images, location, pricing, duration, available appointment slots and even more details specific to your domain to get the customers attention and that answers their every question.

Additionally, the branding page must be Search Engine optimized that can be listed in most of search engines to generate traffic, Mobile responsive and finally should be speed enough for every user who is interested in booking appointment.

Appointment Booking and Calendar for online training business

Having a great branding page can be part of the user experience, But providing better overview of available dates and appointment is most crucial experience that should be shown to the customers who are willing to subscribe to your online training business. If the booking experience isn’t good enough, you may slip the deals through the crack.

Additionally, your Booking system should sync with your personal or business calendar that should be available for your staff members and customer accessible and make them remind before the session starts.

Collecting Payments

When collecting payments online, Your websites must be secure enough provided with HTTPS and compliance in-order to gain trust with your customers to make payments online. Your appointment booking system must be flexible to collect payments online or offline and setup payment with payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe and even more based on fees and availability.

Collecting payments and approving the appointment is one of hard manual task for most of the business back office operation peoples to juggle between spreadsheets, customer relationship management and payment gateway provider to get the status of the payments. This can cause lot of errors, painful manual process unless you automate everything between the payment gateway and booking system.

Intake forms and Capture leads

Once you put up your business page online, there will be more calls and messages from leads practically since everyone can visit your website. So, your business must list your contact details and make contact-us forms available to get your potentials leads to contact you seamlessly without any drop in communication.

Without any contact-us forms or online chat support, you may miss out lot of potential leads that are landing in your business page. They might subscribe you in a week or month based on how you respond them well with good customer support and followup.

Business Reports

Once you’re into business, your Numbers should be tracked automatically without losing any transaction or payments done via Wire transfers. This will help you get organized when you’re planning to pay the Taxes and generate Balance sheet and profit reports.

These payment transactions should sync with existing Accounts and Books or shared as a report to your Books manager or auditor who helps you in filing the business sales numbers to the Tax authority. If you don’t have a well managed central place to record your transaction, this phase is rough and eats your valuable time in Business.

All in One system?

So, These 5 key factors must go hand-in-hand integration and play well to run your online training business in auto-pilot mode and you as a business/professional owner can spend more time on improving the course or adding more service intakes and expansion to the business without worrying about scaling the Appointment Booking system.

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