3 Ways to reduce “No-Shows”

4 Ways to Reduce No-Shows

Being a business owner life has to deal with the last minute’s cancelation, no-shows, rescheduling at the last moment and try to reduce no-shows. With the uncertainty in mind, people either don’t show up or cancel the meeting which is certainly a loss for you when running a business operation. At specific circumstances, You can’t overbook and disappoint your clients that normally occurs in flight travels that would compensate for the business loss. So here are the 3 tips from GoScheduler’s guide for ways to reduce no-shows.

Booking Fees or Onetime Joining Fees

Collecting upfront fees such as booking fees or onetime joining fees can make the customers aware of the amount paid upfront for the appointment will prevent them from reversing the decision and prioritize it. Most of the North American country Gyms and fitness center collects a joining fee or initial welcome offer to try the service for a limited number of days at mere 5$ or 10$. Using a similar technique at the appropriate location and context can reduce the no-shows rate.

GoSchedule provides the provision to charge customers while booking or after booking which seamlessly integrates with Stripe, Square, PayPal, and Razorpay payment gateways to accept payments and confirm the booking online. Check out how to configure the payment gateway for GoSchedule bookings.

Automated SMS and E-Mail Reminders

Manual followup is always frustrating either in Sales or meeting in the context of business. So, try to automate your email reminders and SMS reminders, sync with the client calendar to remind the customer about the upcoming appointments. This makes the customer’s mindset to assume that you care about them and that reduces the no-shows and increases the confidence level.

GoSchedule provides extra-ordinary support by automating e-mail reminders, SMS to customers either directly or via integrations such as Twilio, Zapier workflows. We’re yet to roll out the new feature that enables editing e-mail and SMS templates to personalize based on your business branding.

Cancellation, Booking and Reschedule Policy

Every service under Business should have appropriate cancellation, Booking, Reschedule and Refund policy to deal with compliance in case of conflicts. In this way, it protects the business owner from getting into trouble legally by providing support for all policies beforehand while booking an appointment. The Customer should be aware of the cancellation policy while booking and the refund policy to prevent the conflicts in the later stage. Following good practice and notifying the customer regarding the updates to such policies will keep a pleasant experience and decrease no-shows gradually.

GoSchedule provides extra-ordinary support for these policies and they are applied as constraint while the appointment is scheduled. Additionally, one can point out the cancellation policy and reschedule the policy within the service to determine the refund amount when a booking is made. This makes the business owners and professionals keep running the business without minding about the compliance in most of the cases.

Looking to reduce no-shows?

GoSchedule has the commitment of helping business owners and professionals in all aspects to reduce no-shows, automating tasks and add value to the business organization. We do offer 14 days of risk-free trial where you can explore and supercharge your productivity, reduce no-shows by signing up for free GoSchedule account.

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